HACC Passenger Services Sub-Committee

Role of the Passenger Services Sub-Committee (PSSC)

To consider on their own initiative, or by the direction of HACC, any issue in connection with Heathrow Airport that would improve the passenger experience, and to report their conclusions to HACC.

To monitor the procedures and facilities available to passengers and to make recommendations for their improvement and to coordinate with Heathrow Airport management on the content and scope of any specific monitoring exercises in order to prevent overlap or duplication of similar activities undertaken on the airport’s behalf. Together with PSSC members’ independent appraisals of the passenger experience, these aim to enhance the experience for all airport users.

To provide a passenger perspective on airport developments, particularly at the design stage.



The membership of the PSSC is:

  • Which?
  • ABTA
  • GTMC
  • Airline member of AOC
  • 6-8 independent representatives.



The independent representatives are selected by interview and appointed by Heathrow Airport for a four-year term. Independents may be invited to renew their membership providing they continue to fulfil the criteria.

The PSSC Chair is elected from within PSSC for a two-year term, renewable.



The meetings of the PSSC are open to its members only with attendance from Heathrow Airport and the HACC Secretariat.

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