HACC Steering Committee


To give preliminary consideration to new or detailed matters to be dealt with by HACC and to identify the facts and major issues, and make recommendations where appropriate. The Steering Committee also deals with urgent matters on behalf of HACC and may initiate work.



The Steering Committee is comprised of the HACC Chair and seven other members of HACC reflecting its composition/interests:

The Chair of any permanent sub-committee that may be established will join the Steering Committee.



The Steering Committee is appointed annually by HACC at its January meeting. Written expressions of interest will be invited by the HACC Secretary in advance of the meeting.

Ideally, the different sectors should agree representation amongst themselves, possibly rotating annually and reflecting their (geographical) diversity. In the absence of agreement within the sectors, the Chair is to make recommendations to HACC.



The meetings of the Steering Committee are open to its members only with attendance from Heathrow Airport and the HACC Secretariat. Deputies are encouraged to attend if members cannot.

The Steering Committee is to meet in the month before HACC.

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