HACC Rules of Membership

Rules of membership

The following principles apply for eligibility for membership:


Record of attendance

The record of attendance will be published annually. Should a representative miss three consecutive meetings they will be contacted and reminded of the need to attend. Should attendance not become regular (any two missed in the next four is not regular) the Chairman has the power to ask the body represented for a replacement. If matters are not improved, then the Chairman is empowered to exclude the body concerned. Such exclusion shall be reported to the other members of HACC as soon as practicable.


Composition of the HACC

The HACC terms of reference identify the three broad classes of membership. These are local authorities, airport users and local interest groups. The representative organisations from each group are as follows.

Local Authorities:

Additional representation is available through:

London boroughs can also be represented through any of two seats on HACC: London Councils or the London Assembly representative.

Councils can also be represented through any of the seats on HACC representing single issues:


Airport Users

There are 6 seats for airport users. They comprise:


Local Interest Groups

There are 7 seats for local interest groups. They comprise:

The Department for Transport are invited to attend as well.



Noise generated by airport activity is a major matter for concern. HACC discharges its responsibility for monitoring the airport’s noise plan and mitigating activity by its close links to the Airport Noise Forum.


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